Available on Liferay Marketplace

If you would like to have this theme in YOUR liferay then head down to the Liferay Marketplace and you can order it from there. If you would like to get a customized version or build on top of this then feel free to contact us.
We like to call this Liferay theme a Dashboard theme, that's because we built it from ground-up to be suitable for liferay based dashboards. We needed one for ourselves so we built it for ourselves. After looking at it for a while we decided to optimize it for other purposes also and now it's a fully functioning liferay theme you can use for pretty much anything and anywhere.
A new liferay theme best suitable for various liferay business applications but also good for public web.

Unlimited Custom Colors.
You can customize the colors and fonts of the theme to match your corporate visual identity. We provided a nice intuitive color picker so you don't have to know any HTML color codes.

Responsive Design.
This is a fully responsive theme that adapts to various screen sizes and works great both on the big screen and on the small one in your pocket.

Works on all modern browsers.
We believe in the right to choose your browser so we support all major modern browsers, but keep in mind that all browsers should have cookies and JavaScript enabled.

Customizable theme settings.
You can show or hide titles, breadcrumbs, icons, searches or define additional embedded portlets to show not to mention all the other settings.

jQuery provided, but not required.
You can enable jQuery 2.1.1 and jQueryUI 1.10.4 from the settings. We also ship with animate.css that allows you to easily add animations for your portlets.

Great Support.
If you have a problem with this theme or you are missing a feature then don't hesitate to contact us and we will sort this out.
This website, this page, everything we have here, is running on Liferay Dashboard Theme. And we can customize it, change colors and modify other options about it. This theme also works nicely for Control Panel so you can have your front-end AND control panel look the same. Thanks to Liferay's built in support for Page icons we can have some nice menus!